Below are some unsolicited testimonials from people who have used our products.

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"I wish to purchase eucalyptus and lemongrass shampoo and conditioner."

"Hello, what wonderful products your Eucalyptus and Lemongrass are ... how delightful. I stayed in Sydney and they were in the room and of course now I would like to purchase some. Your advice would be appreciated so I can place my order. Thank you for such beautiful products."

"Dear Sirs. In occasion of my holiday in Australia I tried your products ‘eucalyptus & lemongrass’. Can you please inform me how and where I can buy them in Italy?"

"I’m looking to buy the Eucalyptus and Lemongrass Creamy Bath but can't find how on your site. There is a 'buy now' button on your Romy Beauty site but it doesn't take me to the product. Can you let me know if it is available. I also want the room spray too."

"I recently used your eucalyptus lemongrass bath gel in a hotel we stayed at in Palm Cove - I was wanting to know if you sell large sizes of the bath gel or if you do a shower gel/liquid soap in this range?"

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